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VISITFLANDERS, Westtoer, East Flanders Province Tourism, Antwerp Province Tourism, Flemish Brabant Province Tourism and Limburg Province Tourism will, between October 2020 and July 2021, be introducing no less than nine new long-distance cycling trips.

In future, the thematic routes will be known as ‘iconic cycle routes’ and will be fully integrated into the cycle junction network. Attention is being paid to the accessibility of the start and finish points by public transport and to connections with routes in Wallonia, the Netherlands and France. The signposting is for both directions and has been completely renewed.

The new project ‘Tourist and recreational cycling in Flanders 2020-2025’ focuses further on structured consultation between all the Flemish cycling partners, on exchange of knowledge and data, on the development of a portal website around cycling in Flanders, on the publication of uniform cycling guides, on sector operation and on communication to the sector and the recreational cyclist.

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